Throw a March Madness Party + Free Printables

Posted by on March 13, 2017
Throw a March Madness Party + Free Printables

It’s that time of year again when the country goes basketball crazy. Whether you’re a Villanova fan, you love the Jayhawks from Kansas or you just like to party (like me), you’re going to love these free printables that I designed for you.

Stick em’ on everything like drinking cups and snack containers. You can even make a garland with them in just a matter of minutes. Honestly, decorating for a party has never been this simple. Stick a basketball themed label on it and viola, your guest is instantly in the spirit.

Here are some essentials for hosting your party. 1. You need a bracket board. You can make your own by drawing on an old chalkboard. 2. You need a large screen TV. Surround sound system is encouraged. 3. You need all of your best friends over.


March Madness Party;; March Madness Party;;


Step 1: Print these free printables on you home printer.

Step 2: To make the garland, simply cut a piece of yarn to the length you need.

Step 3: Peel a label off of the sheet and stick it the yarn so the sticky side is up.

March Madness Party;;

Step 4: Press a second label on top of the first so that the yarn is in between both labels.

Project complete!

March Madness Party;;


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