Easy St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards

Posted by on March 6, 2017
Easy St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be scrambling at the last minute to celebrate. Luckily, you don’t need a big gift to make a sweet impact on someone’s day. These easy St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards can be put together in minutes and are the perfect way to write a sweet sentiment to your kids, co-workers, or friends! They, of course, could also be paired with a rainbow-themed homemade treat or store-bought candy bar. Either way, you’ll definitely have the recipient thanking the luck o’ the Irish that day!

Making these cute cards couldn’t be easier! Just use the two free files found below to print out the shamrocks and black/white card background. For the shamrock stickers you’re going to need inkjet-compatible Gold Foil labels from OnlineLabels.com. I absolutely love the sheen of the gold foil but you can also choose a matte green shamrock sticker as well. For the card background, I used heavy cardstock that I already had on hand but these Thank You Cards from OnlineLabels.com would be even easier!

Lucky Shamrock Stickers Free File

Black/White Card Background

If you don’t have the already perforated “Thank You” cards I mentioned above, just print out the background image on white cardstock and use a paper trimmer to get ride of the excess border. Fold the sheet in half and press firmly along fold to create classic card shape.

Print the shamrock stickers with the free “Lucky” file available above. There are four different sentiments for you to choose from. Use the background pattern to eyeball the center of the card and press the sticker in place.

With enough supplies from OnlineLabels.com and the two free files, you can make an endless amount of these St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards. Hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and luck!

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