Real Estate Marketing Through Postcards

Posted by on March 2, 2017
Real Estate Marketing Through Postcards

Are you a real estate agent ready to get your name out in your community? Today’s post will help you motivate potential clients to finally put their home on the market or to snag your next listing with a family. We’re going back to the lost art of snail mail to market yourself by sending out postcards to the communities where you work and sell homes.

How does this personal marketing tool work? When you sell a home, insert an image of the home you just sold on the front of the postcard. Make sure to put “Just Sold” and your real estate company somewhere on the front.

On the back of the postcard, list the address of the home you recently sold for an amazing client and a short bio about yourself. Introduce who you are, your experience, and your knowledge with the area. The finishing touch? Your picture and your contact information.

Mail your new postcard design to the homes in the area and/or neighborhood where you just sold your most recent listing. This is a great marketing tool for the following reasons:

  • There’s a chance you’ll motivate someone to sell their home.
  • A family might be looking for a real estate agent and you just made it very simple for them to find one.
  • You’ll be easily remembered because of the personal touch, not to mention time, that you took to reach out to homeowners.

A postcard to market yourself is also versatile. Future clients can easily keep your postcard on their refrigerator as a reminder. They can also pass your postcard along to a friend or family member wanting to sale or purchase a home.

By using a postcard to market a home you recently sold and sending it out to residents in that neighborhood, you’re reaching a huge network of homeowners. You are setting yourself up to be contacted by families now and in the future. Ready to start designing some of your own? Purchase a set of blank postcards and create your designs using Maestro Label Designer. You’ll be marketing and booking clients in no time!

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