Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels

Posted by on February 27, 2017
Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels

I absolutely love the mini wine and champagne bottles you see trending for weddings lately. Not only are they functional but they’re also super easy to personalize and look great at any table setting! As the weather gets a little warmer, wedding season will be upon us and I hope these “Be Married” Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels come in handy for your big day!

I used 2″ x 5″ Silver Foil labels from but they have tons to different options if silver isn’t your thing. I would highly suggest using a weatherproof option if you’re worried about excess condensation on the bottles interfering with your cute labels. They have weatherproof labels in matte and gloss, as well as a silver for a laser printers. The pdf file linked below will allow you to customize the labels with you and your partner’s name and wedding date. You can choose to omit this section simply by leaving¬†it blank.

Click here for “Be Married” Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels

For your big day, you can either purchase blank mini wine bottles or apply the “Be Married” labels right over any existing label. I liked the second option since I was able to leave the wine type visible for guests but the choice is totally up to you! Just make sure that the bottle is resting on a flat surface as you place the label so that it’s nice and level on the center.

How adorable are these Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels? Again, don’t forget that I made the PDF file editable so that you’d be able to fill in the lower section of the label with personalized names and wedding date. If you don’t like that option, you could always add a special quote or scripture in place instead. Hope these labels are useful for anyone planning a wedding in the near future. Have a wonderful wedding day!

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