Product Tent Cards for Businesses

Posted by on February 21, 2017
Product Tent Cards for Businesses

A lot of products can be labeled with a price sticker. But, there are those items that are either too small or you don’t want to place labels on over and over again. I get it but a price still needs to be displayed so you don’t leave your customers guessing. The perfect solution? Custom tent cards to use for your products!

Create a gorgeous table display and coordinate your tent cards to match. Once they are set out in front of your products, you’ve created an engaging and eye catching way to display your prices. The price is right there for everyone to see. Also, if you need to adjust prices, it’s just a quick switch and you’re back in business.

Tent cards are also beneficial for your business if you’re highly involved within your local community. Businesses, big and small, along with organizations will often have a pop up shop at local events, charities, and functions. These tent cards that display the description and price of your items make it easy to bring along. Set up time is quick and simple. Display your items, place your tent cards in the appropriate spot, and now you’re ready to chat and network with customers. You’ll have more time to network and relax rather than answering over and over how much something cost.

Realize you have something priced too high or too low? Switch out the tent cards with a more appropriate price for your products. They’re very simple and quick to make by using Maestro Label Designer. Use your brand colors to continue to market yourself in an eye-appealing way. You can also make it simple by keeping them black and white. Here’s an example of three different designs I created:

You can download blank copies of each design by clicking the images below. You’ll also need to purchase your set of tent cards to print on!










Will you be using tent cards for your business? We would love to know how you will use them! Tell us in the comments below.

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Small Tent Card – OL1443KW

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