Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Magnets

Posted by on February 13, 2017
Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Magnets

I love almost everything about Valentine’s Day. The chocolate, the colors, the love! The only thing about Valentine’s Day that I absolutely abhor are the little packages of conversation hearts. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty to look at and super fun to craft with but as far as the actual flavor goes? Yuck. That being said, I completely understand why they’re the classic staple around this time of year and that’s why I used them as inspiration for these Valentine’s Day conversation hearts magnets. Now you can enjoy all the adorableness of conversation hearts without suffering from sugar overload!

These Valentine’s Day conversation hearts magnets are super easy to make with the free file you can download below and a sheet of magnetic paper from Just print the file onto the magnetic paper, taking care to feed it into your printer correctly. The magnetic paper is pretty thick so you may have to change the feed settings on your printer or use an alternate tray.

Click here for free Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Magnets file!

Once your magnetic sheet has been printed with the conversation heart images, just use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out each individual heart. You could also use a machine cutter to trim the images but honestly, that would probably take more time then if you just did it by hand. Don’t worry if you make a little mistake, there are 12 hearts to a page so you’ll have plenty!

How cute would it be to surprise your significant other with a ton of these Conversation Heart magnets on their fridge for Valentine’s Day? Or what about decorating a metal lunch box as a sweet surprise for you kids? These magnets are so cute, I’d be tempted to leave them up year round. However you decide to use them, I hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day fill with tons of love!

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