Super Easy Reusable Gift Bags

Posted by on February 2, 2017
Super Easy Reusable Gift Bags

I’m a huge fan of having pre-assembled gift supplies ready to go for any last-minute invites to birthday parties. Without fail, there’s always a mad dash for missing shoes right before having to go anywhere with my kids, so having these Super Easy Reusable Gift Bags is going to make the biggest difference!

Easy-Reusable-Gift-Bags-1The only supplies you need to make these are some paper punches, blank gift bags, and Chalkboard Sticker Paper from You can have as many different punches as you want or just stick with one, the choice is up to you! The only thing you might want to keep in mind is that the punches are large enough to make a sticker that gives you plenty of space to write to whom the gift is for and from.

Easy-Reusable-Gift-Bags-2Once you’ve punched out the chalkboard stickers and placed them on the bags, your job is done until you need one for a present. All you have to do then is pull out the free chalk marker that was included in your purchase and write who the present is for. I went with a neutral colored bag so that virtually any tissue paper would work. Some days we’re running so late, tissue paper isn’t even an option!

Easy-Reusable-Gift-Bags-4The thing I love most about these Super Easy Reusable Gift Bags is that the person who receives the gift can totally reuse the bag in the future. All they have to do is take a small damp cloth and gently remove the chalk ink. Tada! Good as new!

Easy-Reusable-Gift-Bags-3I’m thrilled to have these four Reusable Gift Bags with a sheet of tissue paper folded inside ready to go for the next birthday party. I’m planning on doing the exact same thing with red and green inexpensive blank bags for the holiday season. Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and that is saves you a little time!


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