Easy Football Banner for The Big Game!

Posted by on January 23, 2017
Easy Football Banner for The Big Game!

I have a huge confession to make. I’m just not that into football. That being said, I enjoy hosting and attending football parties because of the general excitement in the air and well, who doesn’t love football party food? Next month, I’ll be hosting a small gathering of friends and family for the big game and wanted to add some fun craftiness to the affair. This Easy Football Banner can be made in just minutes and depending on the number of labels you print out, can be as large or as small as needed. Go, team, go!

The supplies you need to make this football banner are readily available at any craft store and OnlineLabels.com. Of course, you can adapt this tutorial to omit any of the smaller details and just use a piece of string, 7″ x 3″ labels from OnlineLabels.com, and the free Football Banner printing file. The cute baker’s twine and orange ribbons add to the look but are totally optional!

Determine the length of banner that you need and cut an appropriately sized piece of twine. To help you get an idea of how many pages you’ll have to print out, my banner was about four feet long and I used two pages (six labels in total). Keep in mind that you should leave a bit of spacing between each flag if you’re planning on adding orange ribbon accents. Also, my biggest hint for getting the labels to fold over on themselves perfect and without any creases? Fold the printed paper in half to create creases where you’ll align the ribbon and then remove the labels one at a time. Press down from the middle to the outer edge. Should be nice and smooth!

Once all the labels are in place, go back and add the ribbon accents in between each one. You can either tie them or just fold the ribbon like I did in the picture below. Super easy!

And there you have it! One super easy football banner that’s ready for the big game. Hope you have a great time making this and even more fun at the party cheering your team on!


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