Color Code Your Business Planner with Labeled Pens

Posted by on January 5, 2017
Color Code Your Business Planner with Labeled Pens

Technology is a wonderful thing. It’s all around us and available instantly. We have apps, email, and different online programs to help keep us organized throughout our day. But, sometimes all of those resources still leave us going back to an actual planner to stay organized. I’ve always been a pen and paper person when it comes to my business. By writing my to-do list, my goals, appointments, and deadlines down, I can remember them. I’ve always believed that information is retained successfully by listening, repeating, and writing it down.

Using colored pens in a planner

If you’re like me, your planner is your business and personal planner.  Yes, I could have two separate planners, but who has the room to carry around 2-3 of them? I certainly don’t. So, I came up with a solution. Today’s post is all about organizing your planner according to pen color.

Each pen color in my planner stands for something different. This is a visual way for me to also prioritize what needs to be accomplished day-by-day and week-by-week. Here’s an example of what each pen stands for in my planner:

Labeling pens for your planner

You might think this could be a little overwhelming but not with the use of labels! Label each pen with what that specific color represents when using it in your planner. Get even further organized by creating a key to show what each color represents.  You can then place the key in the back of your planner for reference and/or on the monthly page. As time goes on, you’ll get familiar with your colors but these labels are a great reminder.

Place your color coding key in the back of your planner

Staying organized by color coding your planner

You can download your own set of labels for your pens by clicking the image below and printing on the OL5400WX labels. You’ll find that you can download the words in black for your pens and the colored words to create the key for your planner. To create the key for your planner, place the colored labels on a OL600WX blank label.

Colored pen labels

black and white pen labels

Need a colorful set of pens? Here is where you can find the set of pens I use for my planner. And let me tell you, they are my favorite pens! Go ahead and start prepping for the new year by downloading these free printables, getting yourself a new set of colorful pens, a 2017 planner, and creating a list of personal and business goals. How will you stay organized in 2017?

Organizing your business with labeled pens

Setting goals for your business in 2017.


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