Handmade Soap Gifts with Printable Labels

Posted by on December 7, 2016
Handmade Soap Gifts with Printable Labels

I’m a huge fan of print and go gifts and these homemade soap gift labels turn even the most basic of gifts into a thoughtful and heartfelt gift everyone will love.

I would love to tell you that I’ve been busy whipping up a variety of hand crafted soaps to give away as Christmas gifts this year, but that’s not even remotely true. However, there are a lot of super talented folks out there who do have the time, so I went ahead and picked up a bunch of these really lovely soaps not long ago at a local shop. I knew that I was going to use them as part of my holiday gift giving, and that I did want to add a little something extra to them. So I designed these beautiful soap wraps to give them a little something extra.


I started off with these label wraps and used the Maestro Label Designer software that comes with every purchase to design these labels. I started by adding a white washed wood grain texture to my design. Then, I layered some beautiful vibrant watercolor flowers over the top. I added a simple “Happy Holiday” phrasing to them and voila, hand crafted soap gift labels! In case you want to use them other times of the year (birthdays, end of year teacher gifts, etc) I’ve got a version without the “Happy Holidays” on it for you too!

Click here for the holiday version and here for just the floral label!


I think they will make the perfect addition to some holiday gift baskets for our teacher friends along with some homemade sugar scrubs and a glittery coffee mug! Toss a gift card in the mix and you are winning parent of the year!

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