Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards

Posted by on November 22, 2016
Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards

The turkey is roasting, the potatoes have been mashed, and fresh rolls are hot out of the oven. Your Thanksgiving meal is almost….wait! Did anyone remember to make some cute place settings or dish labels? No problem, is here to save the day with these Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards that can used as either. Whew, that was close!

thanksgiving-dish-labelsAll you need to make your own are a few sheets of Small Table Tents from and the free print file available below. The print comes with blank spaces on both sides for you to write in either a guest or dish name. Now you can be certain that everyone will be able to know what each dish is at your Friendsgiving!


I absolutely love that these labels already come perforated so that you don’t have to do a mad dash around the house looking for the last pair of scissors right before everything is served. I found it easiest to fold each line back and forth until the tags practically melted from each other. This is job is totally easy enough for even little kids to accomplish so that you can complete the really important things like pouring another glass of wine for yourself!

thanksgiving-dish-labels-3Last but not least, if you know the complete menu or guest lists, you can fill in each of the Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards with a thick pen. If you’re unsure whom or what is coming to your dinner, just create an easy sign in table near the front door so that everyone can write their own.

thanksgiving-dish-labels-4And there you have it! You are now officially ready for Thanksgiving and if nothing else goes right from here on out, at least you’ve got the perfect Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards on the table. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Download the Thanksgiving Table Tent Cards file here!

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