Thanksgiving Magnetic Frame

Posted by on November 21, 2016
Thanksgiving Magnetic Frame

I love the month of November because it’s all about being thankful for good food, great friends, and precious family. It’s a time to take a break from all the things we want and appreciate all the things we have. Such an important lesson for children and adults alike! I made this Thanksgiving Magnetic Frame as a way to remember all of the most important things in life. Hope you enjoy it!

thanksgiving-magnetic-frameTo make your own Thanksgiving Magnetic Frame you’re going to need the free file (background designed by Vecteezy), a craft knife or cutting machine, and a sheet of Magnetic Glossy Paper for inkjet printers from I absolutely love the look of their magnetic paper! It’s thick enough to feel substantial but still thin enough to easily be cut through. Seriously, love it!

thanksgiving-magnetic-frame-2After you’ve printed the frame, you can either cut it out with a craft knife and a very stable hand or run it through a cutting machine. After wrestling with my cutting machine software for almost an hour, I’m inclined to think that cutting it out by hand would actually be quicker. It’s absolutely your choice but please take care if you do decide to go the craft knife route.

thanksgiving-magnetic-frame-3The last thing you have to do is weed away the excess magnetic paper. I had a whole half sheet left over that I will most definitely be saving for a later craft! The toughest part of this project will probably be trying to find just one picture to put in this Thanksgiving Magnetic Frame. Guess I’ll just have to make more! I love walking up to my fridge now and seeing the beautiful faces of my family smiling back at me. Definitely helps me remember everything I have to be thankful for! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a wonderful holiday season!

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