Gothic Gravestone Bookplates

Posted by on October 31, 2016
Gothic Gravestone Bookplates

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and often find myself treasuring a great book as though it were a dear friend. That’s why I’m always a little bit worried when lending out my books to people. Of course, I want to share my love of reading with others but what if they forget that the book belongs to me and don’t return it? Horror! That’s exactly why I created these Gothic Gravestone Bookplates. They’re pretty enough to be decorative but definitely have a practical use!

To make Gothic Graveyard Bookplates of your own, you’ll have to stock up on Arched Labels in True Gray. They come nine labels to the sheet so make sure to order enough for your entire library. Click on the link below to print out the labels and you’re good to go! You can either leave the print blank and hand write your name, or click in the blank space after opening up the PDF to customize with your name.

Print the Gothic Graveyard Bookplates here!


How great would it be to gift these Gothic Gravestone Bookplates with your favorite novel or a giftcard to an independent bookseller? If the gift recipient asks, “Hinc Itur Ad Astra” is Latin for “From here the way leads to the stars.” Although used mostly for astronomy, I felt that it described perfectly my love affair with the literary word. Whether your keeping them for yourself or giving to a friend, I hope you enjoy these bookplates as much as I enjoyed making them. They really are so practical and fun! You can be sure I’ll be uploading more bookplate designs here in the future!

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