Top Secret Lunch Box Notes

Posted by on October 3, 2016
Top Secret Lunch Box Notes

I have such fond memories of my mother sneaking sweet little notes in my lunch box and I knew that when the time came, I was definitely going to share the same tradition with my boys. Since my oldest is almost 8 and “all grown up” now, I have to be a little more creative when it comes to the look of the notes. I made these Top Secret Lunch Box Notes that perfectly hide my sentimental messages while still looking cool!

Top-Secret-Lunch-Notes-1Making these Top Secret Lunch Box Notes is really easy! Just print out the two files on blank cardstock paper and some Mailing Seal Labels from The notecard print comes four to a page and the seal labels come 20 to a page. You’ll have plenty of labels to make sweet lunch messages all year long!

Download “Top Secret Lunch Box Notes” File 1 & File 2 here!

Top-Secret-Lunch-Notes-4To make the actual note, just trim and fold the note card. Add your child’s name to the blank section and then write your message on the inside. Feel free to be as mushy and sentimental as you want. It’s all top secret and classified anyway! The final step is to secure the note by adding one of the “Keep Out!” labels to the edge. There’s something about ripping open a sticker that all kids love!

Top-Secret-Lunch-Notes-6All that’s left to do is sneak your little note into your kids’ lunch box to discover while they’re at school! Life can be tough sometimes so it’s nice to remind them that you’ve got their back. Even though older kids may roll their eyes at receiving a message from their mother at school, they’ll still tuck away the knowledge of just how much you love them and that is never a wasted opportunity. Hope you and your kids enjoy these little lunch box notes as much as I enjoyed making them!


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