Halloween Countdown For Kids

Posted by on October 1, 2016
Halloween Countdown For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and soon we’ll have tons of super excited kids counting down the days until dress-up. Here’s a fun way to help them keep track of the passing days and work on hand/eye coordination all at the same time!

Halloween Countdown for Kids! - PrintablesTo make your own Countdown to Halloween for Kids, all you’ll need is one sheet of cardstock, an orange page of .75″ circle stickers from OnlineLabels.com, and the two free files found below. I made them to be more autumn-themed than “spooky Halloween” so that children of all ages and backgrounds could use this countdown. They’re going to love to see the Jack-o-lanterns filling up the pumpkin patch one at a time!

Halloween Countdown for Kids! - StickersThe sheet of stickers from OnlineLabels.com will actually have enough pumpkins to fill two Countdown to Halloween sheets. If you’ve got two or more kids, this will be totally helpful since each can now have their own countdown. Fun for them but essential for parents! Nothing worse than having to hear your kids bicker every single day in October on who’s day it is to fill out the chart. No problem if you’re only using one countdown chart either. I promise, your kid will have tons of fun playing with all the extra stickers!

Hope you and your family enjoy this Halloween Countdown for Kids! The month of October is always crazy busy for our family but slowing down and enjoying simple projects like this one helps remind me what’s truly important. Kids are only little for so long and soon¬†they’ll want absolutely nothing to do with me during the holidays. Got to enjoy these sweet days of youthful excitement and joy while I can!

Download the Halloween Countdown For Kids 01 & Halloween Countdown For Kids 02 here!

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