Business Networking Cards

Posted by on September 19, 2016
Business Networking Cards

As a blogger and business owner, I’m constantly networking and collaborating with others. In the ever changing world of social media, technology, and simply how to run a business, it’s more important than ever to support one another. The first step in collaborating with brands and other creatives is by initiating that first contact. I’m making that first step an easy one for any business owner or blogger by providing a free download of business networking cards in today’s post.

Collaborate with others with the use of Networking Cards

Yes, email is efficient, quick, and the way of the world but why not stand out? There are amazing business owners, brands, and bloggers that are more than willing to collaborate if you’re the perfect match and have the same visions. Print out and send them a card asking to do lunch, to collaborate, or simply to say you need to be besties because your thoughts align so well together. This is sure to catch their eye with the thoughtful snail mail that you send their way. For an extra special touch, add your business card or your social media card to the envelope. This will ensure a way for them to get in touch with you right away without hesitation.

A variety of networking postcards.

Have you already had a meeting with a brand, business, or fellow blogger? Just like a job interview, follow up with a card to show how much you value the potential collaboration and how you’re looking forward to working with them. Within the free download today, you’ll find cards with just following up, great meet up, and thank you printed along the front of the card to help get you started.

Sending a follow up card after meeting a fellow business owner.

There are even a few cards that allow you to write your own hashtag statement and send a word of encouragement to a fellow business owner or blogger to show them they’re #killingit within their world of entrepreneurship. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.

Collaborating through the use of snail mail.

These networking cards will show that communication is very important for you and your brand. It’ll also be a great way to remind someone of a great conversation that took place before too much time slips away. By sending a card, the person and/or business receiving it will see it first hand and be reminded of the meeting by constantly seeing the card on their desk. Whereas an email could be pushed back as more incoming email arrives on a daily basis. Take the 5 minutes to write out a card, add your business card and send it on it’s way. It’s sure to make an impression. Either way, take advantage of this free download that allows you to start a collaboration or follow up with one!

Creating collaborations with other businesses.

Labels needed for Business Networking Cards:

OL423 – White Cardstock Postcards

Free Printable Download:

Click each image to download and print the set of pictured business networking cards.

Networking Postcards Page 1

Networking Postcards Page 2



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