Blue & Yellow Planner Stickers

Posted by on August 26, 2016
Blue & Yellow Planner Stickers

With the start of the school year fast approaching, it seems like the perfect time to pick back up those organizational projects we started back in January. I feel like back-to-school time is a second chance for a fresh start. Think of it like New Years 2.0. With that in mind, it’s time to break out those planners that we abandoned way back when and start using them again!

I’m here to help you get those planners, trackers, bullet journals, and any other paper product you use to track your daily happenings dressed up and ready to go! I find that sometimes I need a little extra push to keep going and these beautiful stickers are the perfect pick me up! The blues and yellows are the perfect transition colors to move from the bright, sunshiney feel of summer into the deep, warm colors of fall.

blue and yellow planner stickers online labels

I’ve got these labels designed to fit the 7-1/2″ flag labels. These labels are one of my favorites because they add a tiny bit of flair with those pointed ends, but give you A LOT of space to write on the actual body. They’re perfect for return address labels, candle wraps, gift packaging, and so much more!

Print these blue and yellow planner stickers and stick them! Stuck vertically, they make a great space to write those important to do lists, in a way that is both easy on the eyes and saves a lot of space. Stuck horizontally, they make a great place to write those important appointments or goings on that span multiple days. They are also a great place to write your favorite quote or saying!

blue planner stickers up close

printable planner stickers online labels

How will you use these stickers? Have you been keeping up with your personal organization? Share your best tricks for staying on track in the comments below!

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