Branding a Business with Social Media Cards

Posted by on August 15, 2016
Branding a Business with Social Media Cards

Social media can be found throughout business marketing everywhere you look. It should be a part of any small or corporate business with it being a free powerful tool to draw consumers and clients into a product. Within a matter of seconds, businesses can share their vision and product all over the world. Today’s post shows a way that businesses can reach even more people through the use of social media cards.

Branding through the use of social media cards.

What are these cards and why are they important? Social media cards display all the links to a business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and multiple other forums.  This card can be placed on products and more importantly in shipping boxes that are sent to customers.  Here’s why this is so vital:


These social media cards will drive more traffic to a business website that will also help increase exposure within search engines.


By customers visiting the social media platforms of a business, it will allow the business to engage on a personal level with consumers.  This builds a positive experience that will ultimately keep consumers coming back. It’s also a great way to handle customer issues quickly and to show others how a business solves problems.


A business is able to show what they have to offer on a more personal level, their interaction, and their overall look and goals. Eventually, consumers will know a product and where it came from just by the branding of the image.


Most of the social media that people experience is done through a mobile device. Consumers can quickly share, leave reviews, and purchase items through the use of their mobile at the ease of being anywhere.

Expose your branding technique through the use of social media cards.Social media cards can make a huge impact on the exposure of your business just by simply placing it in a shipping box. When a customer receives the product they are also receiving how to reach out to a business in a relaxed and fun way. All of a sudden a business is getting feedback on their Instagram posts, getting tweeted about the next best product, and being shared to a friend’s Facebook page.

Ready to drive traffic to your website, blog, Etsy store, and/or social media platforms? You can create your own social media cards in a matter of minutes like the ones pictured in this post.

Social Media Cards help build engagement among consumers.
Materials needed:

White Cardstock Postcards – OL423KW

Next, create your design in Maestro Label Designer to add your business logo, social media links, and your branding colors. Spending around 30 minutes creating these social media cards will provide free advertisement over and over again as your products leave your store and into the hands of customers. Not a fan of the postcards? You can also create your design on any label to stick to tissue paper, the outside of a shipping box, to the back of a business card and so much more.

Build customer relationships and exposure with the use of social media cards.


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