Back To School Countdown

Posted by on August 4, 2016
Back To School Countdown

Whether your kids are looking forward to it or not, back to school is just around the corner! Pretty soon we’ll all be elbow deep in school supplies and homework, but until then, we’ll be enjoying the last few days of summer break. I thought it would be helpful to give my kids a visual representation of how many days before school starts so I made this Back To School Countdown. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

Back-To-School-Countdown-9To make your own Back To School Countdown, you only need a sheet of VHS Spine Labels from, the free “Back To School Countdown” file, and a blank piece of paper. Once you’ve printed the file onto the VHS labels, just allow your child to peel and stick each row (starting from the eraser end and going up) 14 days before the beginning of school.

Back-To-School-Countdown-10Each day they’ll add a new row and get closer to assembling the full pencil until the last day before school. I’m really hoping that the daily countdown will help my kids understand that school is coming so it won’t be such a big shock to their system. If anything, this countdown will help work on some manual dexterity and a little hand/eye coordination!

Classroom-Birthday-Sign-11Can you tell how excited my little five year old is about going to kindergarten? His older brother, on the other hand, is a different story! I printed out two sticker sheets so that they could both work on their own countdowns even though they start on the exact same day. I guess there’s just something about making your own. Plus, it saved me all the arguments of who gets to add the sticker each morning!

{Download the Back To School Countdown}

Classroom-Birthday-Sign-12Hope you and your kids find this Back To School Countdown as useful as my family did and have a wonderful school year!

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