4th of July Mini Flags

Posted by on June 30, 2016
4th of July Mini Flags

Summer is just around the corner and soon we’ll be planning family cookouts for 4th of July! I thought it would be fun to have some 4th of July mini flags to use as the table centerpieces or other tabletop decor and thought you guys might want to use them too. There are 8 different varieties and all the flags are double-sided. Tons of fun!

4th of July Mini FlagsAll you need to make these mini flags are OnlineLabels.com’s Standard White Flag Labels, some dowel rods, and the 4th of July Mini Flags free printable. As I mentioned above, there’s 8 different flag types in two colors and all are double-sided so that you can be sure your centerpieces look great from all sides. The flags include the following sayings:

“Land of the Free”
Home of the Brave”
“Land that I Love”
“God Bless the USA”
“Happy 4th of July”
“Sweet Land of Liberty”
“Red, White, & Blue”
“United We Stand”

4th of July Mini Flags-2To assemble the flags, all you need to do is print the 4th of July Mini Flags free printable onto the labels, remove, and adhere to the top of a dowel rod. These would be great in a centerpiece, wreath, or even left available for guests to wave around. There are so many different uses for these flags!

4th of July Mini Flags-6Hope these 4th of July mini flags come in handy when you’re planning your Independence Day get-together! I know that with kids home from school, things can get kinda crazy so it’s important that these decorations go together in just minutes. Who has time for anything more than that? In fact, these mini flags are so easy to make that, depending on the age of your children, you could probably enlist them to help assemble. The kids will be so proud when they see all their flags waving in the wind!

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