Vintage Canning Labels

Posted by on June 29, 2016
Vintage Canning Labels

One of my favorite things about summer is the gorgeous abundance of fruits and vegetables that can be found at farmer’s markets and backyard gardens. Unfortunately, we usually have so many tomatoes ripen all at once that there’s no way my small family could eat through all of them before they spoil. Thank goodness for canning and now I’ve got some adorable Vintage Canning Labels to make it even better!

Whether you’re using these to label stewed tomatoes or apricot jam, these adorable Free Vintage Canning Labels are sure to do the job. We use a ridiculous amount of tomato sauce and paste throughout the year so I thought it would be fun to can a bunch at the end of the summer. Since they both look somewhat similar, we definitely will be using these labels!


To make your own Free Vintage Canning Labels all you need is’s Title Belt Bottle Labels and the free printable file. I’ve included spaces on the label to fill in what the canning item is and the date it was preserved. There’s also a space on the other side of the label for you to sign your name if you plan on giving away your prized possessions. I would love it if someone gifted me anything they canned from their garden or farmer’s market!


Once the Free Vintage Canning Label is filled out completely, all you need to do is add the label to the front of a filled mason jar. These would look especially cute with a coordinating fabric circle on the top! How perfect would this little bit of canned goodness be for a good neighbor or friend? I hope you find these labels useful and have a wonderfully abundant harvest this year. A happy and fruitful canning season to you!

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