4th of July Candy Firecrackers

Posted by on June 27, 2016
4th of July Candy Firecrackers

I love throwing a Fourth of July bash every year and thought it would be fun to have some candy firecrackers on the tables for decoration and enjoyment by our guests. They’re inexpensive to make and can be thrown together at the last minute. I’ll probably get my boys to make them on the day of the event since I’m usually so busy with last minute party preparations!


You don’t need much to make these candy firecrackers and with the exception of the labels, you can customize all of the supplies to fit your needs. Don’t like Lifesavers? Use peppermints instead! Can’t find the decorative wire garland? Just skip out on it or substitute with a thick piece of string. There are tons of ways to customize this project for what you need!

Materials needed to make 4th of July Candy Firecrackers:


To begin, just remove the labels and wrap around the candy rolls. I’ve created three different and coordinating designs for your use. You can either pick and choose or use all three!


Take the decorative wire garland and cut 3″ – 4″ sections. Group three of them together and push through one end of the candy roll until secure. The hole running through all the candies makes this possible!


Continue these steps until you’ve made as many Candy Firecrackers as you need. They’re really easy to make and can be an inexpensive favor for your Fourth of July party! I hope you all enjoy making this fun project either by yourself or with kids. Such a cute addition to any patriotic table, right? Have a great Fourth of July!


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