10 Minute Patriotic T-Shirts

Posted by on June 27, 2016
10 Minute Patriotic T-Shirts

We love celebrating the 4th of July over here and it’s become a bit of a tradition to make matching family t-shirts. My boys are getting a little older and actually have an opinion on what style they wear, so I’ve had to up my t-shirt designing game this year. Luckily, these 10 Minute Patriotic T-Shirts were a breeze to make and my boys totally love that the spray paint look!

Making these really couldn’t be any easier and only requires a few craft supplies. Of course, you’re more than welcome to change up the colors or design to make each t-shirt customized and fun!

Supplies needed to make a 10 Minute Patriotic T-Shirt:


Step One: First, you’ll have to roughly plan out where you’ll want the stars and stripes on your t-shirt. I wanted diagonal stripes so I placed the stars at an angle on the top half of the t-shirt, but you could also go with stars on half the t-shirt and stripes on the other half or stars in the front/stripes in the back. There are so many options to customize!


Step Two:¬†Apply spray to desired areas. I found it helpful to fold over the areas not in use to prevent too much over spray. If you’re really worried about too much spray paint getting everywhere, you can also block off areas with masking tape, which will create some nice sharp lines. When you’re happy with the look, just allow the paints to dry completely and peel off the stars.


How crazy easy was it to make this 10 Minute Patriotic T-shirt? There’s something about the look of spray paint that makes my boys think these t-shirts are so cool! I hope you enjoy making a 10 Minute Patriotic T-Shirt of your own and have a wonderful 4th of July!


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