DIY Grilling Apron for Father’s Day

Posted by on June 14, 2016
DIY Grilling Apron for Father’s Day

I love celebrating Father’s Day with the special men in my life, but figuring out the perfect gift always leaves me running in circles. I want it to be a useful and unique gift that I know any father would love. Do you really feel like giving another tie, watch, bottle of cologne, or favorite beverage? Although these gifts are great, I’m thinking you’re wanting something a little different this year. Here’s the good news: I’ve got you covered with a DIY Father’s Day Grilling Apron! It’s a great gift that’s sure to bring a smile to any father.

By creating and giving a Father’s Day grilling apron, it makes your father feel in charge, appreciated, and boosts his ego about his grilling skills (that we all know he already has).

In today’s DIY post, I’ll walk you through a few steps that will guide you in creating a custom made Father’s Day grilling apron in a matter of 10 minutes that reads “All Up In Your Grill.”  It’s time to start creating!


Iron-On Transfer Paper
All Up In Your Grill Printable
Inkjet Printer
White Apron

Father's Day Grilling Apron Supplies

Free Printable:

Important: The printable will download and print reversed. This will allow the design to be ironed onto the apron the correct way.
All Up In Your Grill


Step 1: Download the reversed “All Up In Your Grill” printable and print onto the Iron-On Transfer Paper. The lines on the transfer paper is the back of the paper. You’ll need to print the design on the front of the paper.

Step 2: Once the reversed design is printed, trim the excess material. Leave a quarter of an inch border around the image.

Trim extra material to create your iron-on image

Step 3: Place the apron on a towel that’s on a hard, smooth surface. Iron out any wrinkles on the apron before applying the design. Tip: I washed and ironed my apron before starting this project to ensure a smooth and clean work surface.

Step 4: Turn the iron to a high temperature setting and place the image face down on the apron. Make sure that it’s centered and move the iron over the transfer paper in various directions for 90-120 seconds.

Create your own design to place on an apron using iron-transfer paper.

 Step 5: Once the transfer paper is cool to the touch, slowly peel the backing off starting with one of the corners. That’s it! You’re Father’s Day grilling apron is ready to be wrapped and gifted!


There’s nothing better than a 10 minute DIY Father’s Day grilling apron that will give Dad the green light to sip his favorite beer as he’s grilling his signature recipe. Want to create your own Father’s Day design? You can do just that through Maestro Label Designer. Just make sure you reverse your image when you print in order to properly iron it onto your apron.

Here’s an added bonus!  Watch this step-by-step video by that walks you through the whole process of creating your own transfer design, how to make it reversed, and applying it on a product.

Pic 4

The clip art used for this design was created by REVIDEVI.

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