Father’s Day Doughnut Card

Posted by on June 13, 2016
Father’s Day Doughnut Card

We usually enjoy having a casual breakfast on Father’s Day to celebrate all the amazing fathers we have in our lives and, of course, doughnuts are always on the menu. I decided to make a coordinating Father’s Day Doughnut Card to add even more sugary fun!

Father's Day Donut CardAll you need to make this Father’s Day Doughnut Card is OnlineLabels.com’s Mini CD Labels, some cardstock, and the free printable. There are six different doughnut varieties that you can either decrease or increase according to need.

{Print the Father’s Day Doughnut Card Here!}

Father's Day Donut Card-2Use the label as a guide, mark the width needed for the doughnut card (3″). The length of the card with be determined by the number of pages you want to include in the card.

Father's Day Donut Card-3Stick the donuts in place, leaving a little space in between to account for the folding. You’ll have to tape two panels together if you want you card to be longer than the size of your cardstock paper. Don’t worry about the appearance, the labels will cover up the seam.

Father's Day Donut Card-4Once all the labels are in place, fold the card panels over in an accordion shape. You could leave the card like this or trim around the edges if you’d like.

Father's Day Donut Card-5Now that your card is complete, all you have to do is fill out all the reasons you love that special father in your life! I have enough space for four sentiments but remember, you can always print off more doughnuts if you want to add more. The first doughnut says “Donut Forget We Love You A Whole Lot” with the last doughnut shape that says “We Love You!” has enough space at the bottom to sign names. Plenty of space to let them know just how much they are loved! Hope you enjoyed this free Father’s Day Doughnut Card and have a wonderful Father’s day!

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