“Udderly Amazing” Mother’s Day Gift Jar

Posted by on May 2, 2016
“Udderly Amazing” Mother’s Day Gift Jar

This cow Mother’s Day gift idea is easy to make and will definitely make mom smile.  Add any gift to the inside of your jar that your mom will love. You can print the free printable labels below plus see how to paint the jar quickly and easily. This simple idea can be pulled together in just minutes for a fun Mother’s Day gift idea.


Ready to make your own cow Mother’s Day gift idea? Watch the video below to see just how I did it!

Need more instructions?  Get the details below!

  1. Print the “udderly amazing” labels onto the OL894 labels.
  2. Paint mason jar white. I used spray paint for this portion.
  3. Paint mason jar lid black. I used spray paint for this portion.
  4. Once jar is dried, paint black cow spots onto jar randomly with black paint.
  5. Once jar is completely dry, add on ribbon and printed label.
  6. Drop your gift on the inside and add on your lid!

This Mother’s Day gift idea is perfect for any mom! You can also use this same jar for a wide variety of occasions. Try it for teachers, administrative professionals, graduates, and so much more.  This simple mason jar gift that it is perfect for any occasion. Stuck for ideas on what to add into the jar? Think of small gift items that your gift recipient loves. There is also a lotion called Udderly Smooth that would be perfect for this mason jar gift! Order your labels and make this cow Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom!

This fun cow Mother's Day gift idea is quick and easy to make! Plus mom will love this mason jar gift!

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