DIY Goal Vision Board

Posted by on April 27, 2016
DIY Goal Vision Board

Setting goals and placing sticky notes all over my office is a part of my daily routine. It’s how I stay motivated and focused with all of the hustle that comes with daily life. I recently created a new office space and quickly realized I needed a space to keep my goals in focus to continue to push me forward. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great sticky note, but a beautiful and motivating space to place my goals and to-do list on is just what I needed for a clean space. If you’re looking to organize and display your goals in a motivating and eye-appealing way, this DIY post is just for you. View the tutorial below to create your own goal vision board.

Goal Vision Board


Gold Foil 0.5″ Circles
Thin piece of plywood cut to your desired size.  My piece measures 24 inches by 20 inches
Off white paint
Black paint
Large paintbrush
Small paintbrush
Small nails
Gold Clips
2 Sawtooth picture hangers
Optional: Modge Podge

Supplies needed to create a goal vision board using labels.


Step 1- Cut your piece of plywood to your desired size using a jigsaw. If you don’t have a jigsaw on hand, most home improvement stores will cut the plywood you’re purchasing at not additional charge.

Step 2- Paint 2-3 coats of the off-white paint over the entire surface of the wood. Allow for at least 15 minutes drying time between each coat. Don’t forget to paint the sides!

Paint the entire surface of your board an off white color

Step 3- Firmly stick your Gold Foil 0.5″ Circles in a scattered pattern around the sides and corners of the piece of wood. Have fun with this part! Don’t be afraid to place circles close together.

Apply the gold foil labels around the edges and corners of the wood

Step 4- Using a pencil, trace “goals” on your board to help guide you. Using the black paint and small paintbrush, paint over the wording and allow it to completely dry. Make sure to erase any stray pencil marks. If painting by freehand is not your thing, follow this great tutorial on using removable labels as a stencil to easily paint calligraphy wording.

Writing and painting calligraphy on your goal vision board.

Optional Step: To further seal your labels, you can apply 1 coat of modge podge with a foam brush over the entire board.

Step 5- Turn your board over to the back and attach the 2 sawtooth picture hangers at the top of the wooden sign by using a hammer.

Attaching sawtooth hangers on the back of the board.

Step 6- Flip the piece of wood back to the front. Using small nails, carefully hammer the nails in your desired areas where you would like to hang your goals and motivational quotes.  Be careful not to go through the wood. Hang your clips from the nails.

Hammering nails into your goal vision board to hang motivational quotes.

Step 7-  Your goal vision board is now ready to hang on the wall! Place your goals, to-do lists, and anything else that motivates you on your new goal vision board.

Setting goals for your work space with a goal vision board.

Nothing is more motivating then seeing your goals beautifully displayed on a vision board you created yourself. Do you know a friend that recently opened their own business, is on a new adventure, or needs that extra motivation? This would also be a perfect gift to give to a friend. Happy creating! 

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