DIY Gold Foil Flower Pots

Posted by on March 25, 2016
DIY Gold Foil Flower Pots

We are finally seeing signs of summer approaching and saying goodbye to winter. The first day of spring came and I couldn’t get my hands on spring flowers for my home and garden fast enough.   As much as I love gardening outside, I wanted to add some spring flair to the inside of my home. I don’t have the best track record with flowers, so I started with succulents that will give me a better chance for a green thumb. With new succulents, I also needed new flower pots!

I bought a few colorful pots from my local Home Depot with plans of adding gold foil circle labels to give them an extra special touch. I can’t wait to share how you can decorate new flower pots and transform them into a piece of home decor while adding greenery in today’s blog post!

Kate Spade inspired flower pot using gold foil labels


Gold Foil 0.5″ Circles
Gold Foil 0.75″ Circles
Gold Foil 1.5″ Circles
Flower Pots – Home Depot has colored ones.  If you can’t find colored ones, you can always spray paint the pots.
Dull Pencil
Modge Podge
Foam Brush

Materials needed to create gold foil flower pots


Step 1- Using your desired gold foil labels, place them in a pattern on your pots. To create the following scallop look, use a ruler and a dull pencil to draw a line down the center of the circles. A pencil shows less on the label versus using a pen.

Scallop flower pot made by gold foil circle labels.

Measure circles evenly to create half circles for a scallop design.

Step 2- Cut your circles in half in order to create the scallop look on your pot.

Cut cirlces in half to create a scallop look

Step 3- Using the edge of the pot, evenly stick the half circles around the edge of the pot. You may have to overlap the last label when the two ends meet. I used the 1.5″ circles on the top and the .75″ circles along the bottom.

Placing labels on a pot to create a scallop look

Step 4- Once you’ve placed your labels on the pots, firmly press each label to make sure they are all flat and smooth.

Decorating flower pots within gold foil labels

Step 5- To prevent the labels from peeling off in the future, use a foam brush to apply modge podge all over the pots. It will dry clear and provide a protective coat.

Use modge podge to seal the labels on flower pots

Step 6- Once the modge podge fully dries, you’re ready to plant your flowers and display your new home decor!

Decorating with Gold Foil Flower Pots

This is the perfect DIY project for a spring afternoon that doesn’t take long at all. This project took about 1 hour, which includes the drying time, from start to finish. I’ll be decorating my home office, kitchen, and screened-in patio with these festive flower pots!  Have fun creating your own!


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