DIY Shamrock Socks

Posted by on March 17, 2016
DIY Shamrock Socks

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day. Make yourself a pair of festive green socks in about 10 minutes!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of green in my wardrobe. So, when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I am struggling to find something to wear. I know my kids will give me a pinch if I don’t have my green on! I am super excited about my new shamrock socks! And they could not be cuter. I’ll be making a pair for everyone in my family!

DIY Shamrock Socks

To make your own Shamrock Socks, you will need just a few items.


Not shown: cardboard and wax paper

DIY Shamrock Socks

Cut a piece of scrap cardboard slightly wider than the sock. Wrap it with wax paper and place it inside the sock. This will prevent the paint from going through to the other side.

Center a clover label on the leg of the sock over the cardboard. Press firmly around the edges.


DIY Shamrock Socks

Pour out a nickel’s worth the fabric paint. Dip pencil eraser in the paint then apply to sock along the edge of the clover, overlapping over the label. Be sure to use a pounce technique and do not “brush” the eraser in order to create clean round circles of paint.

I pounced twice before applying more paint to the eraser. This gave one dark circle and one lighter circle, creating a contrast in the paint color.

Continue to pounce all the way around the label then work your way out.

Once satisfied with the paint, carefully peel away the label.

DIY Shamrock Socks

How fun and crisp is that shamrock?

DIY Shamrock Socks

Repeat the technique with the second sock, remembering to flip the sock over so that your pattern will be on the “outside” of each sock.

You can easily whip these socks up for the whole family in no-time flat! And if anyone accuses you of not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, just point them towards your shamrock socks.

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