Handmade Coffee Soap with Free Label Template

Posted by on February 23, 2016
Handmade Coffee Soap with Free Label Template

Whether you need a gift for a gardener or looking to plan ahead for Father’s Day, this handmade coffee soap is super easy to make and package. The coffee grounds are great for removing tough stains and odors while the Shea Butter melt-and-pour soap base soothes agitated skin. They’re going to love this soap!



  • Coffee Grounds
  • Shea Butter Melt-And-Pour Soap
  • Soap Mold
  • OnlineLabels.com Soap Labels
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Soap Fragrance or Essential Oils (optional)

Step One: Follow the instructions on the soap packaging to melt a section. Once soap is completely melted, stir in 1/2 cup of coffee grounds per finished soap. I melted enough to make two soap bars so I added 1 cup of coffee grounds.

Handmade-Coffee-Soap-1Step Two: Pour soap and coffee mixture into soap molds and allow to cool for the time recommended on the packaging. You may notice that the coffee grounds in my soap rose to the surface. I love that it creates an exfoliating side to my soap but can understand if you’d rather have the ground more evenly dispersed throughout the soap. To achieve that look, you’re going to have to find a melt-and-pour soap base that has specifically been formulated for suspension.

Handmade-Coffee-Soap-2Step Three: Once your soap has hardened completely, wrap in plastic and apply label. You can either make your own label or choose to print out the one I used. They’re specifically designed for OnlineLabels.com OL1030 and look great with their brown kraft paper!

{Print the “Good Cup of Joe” Soap Label}


And that’s all you have to do to make your own Homemade Coffee Soap! It’s easy to make and would work great as a gift by itself or included in a basket with other coffee-themed gifts. I personally use this soap after working in the garden because it’s amazing at removing all the dirt and grime that goes with the territory. What would you use this soap for?



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