Free Printable Stain Removal Guide

Posted by on February 16, 2016
Free Printable Stain Removal Guide

This guide is perfect for helping you to remove stains from all of your laundry.  Plus you can print it on full-size magnetic sheets and stick it right on your washing machine. Never be without a guide for removing stains in your laundry area. This handy guide will be on the side or top of your washing machine whenever you need it! Those set in kid stains will never know what hit them!

Just download the free printable stain removal guide to your computer. Then, you can load any printer with our full-size magnetic sheets. The benefit of these sheets is that they will work on your printer and deliver a professional looking magnet that can be used in your laundry room. After printing is complete, allow the ink to dry on your stain removal guide before touching or putting into place on your washing machine. I am using my magnetic sheet on the side of my washing machine, but this will work ANYWHERE that a magnet will! It would be great on the top of a washing machine as well. Be sure to stick this stain removal guide in an area that you can see when treating those pesky stains. Then, all you have to do is follow the guide to get common stains out of your clothing.

Get this free printable stain removal guide for your laundry! Print on magnetic paper to keep handy at your washing machine!Use this handy cleaning guide in your laundry room for convenience. No more searching on your phone or computer when you have a stain that you can’t remove. Just refer to this free printable stain removal guide and start getting your clothes cleaner today. Remember, this works best when printed on a full-size magnetic sheet. The sheet makes the guide a super simple addition to the front or side of your washing machine. Download, print, and stick anywhere that is convenient for you!


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  1. Nicole

    What a wonderful resource!! It is amazing the things that can stain clothes, this would be great to put right on your washing machine to stop ruining clothes. With 8 of us there is always something we are trying to get out of clothes. Thank you for linking up to Inspire Me Monday!! Have a blessed week!!

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