DIY Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Posted by on February 11, 2016
DIY Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Gift giving has always been a favorite of mine and Valentine’s Day is another great reason to dress up a gift. There’s nothing better than wrapping a gift and giving it an extra special touch. Let’s face it, the best part has to be the few seconds before unwrapping the present and you’re wondering what’s underneath the pretty wrapping paper. Today, I’m sharing with you two different DIY Valentine’s Day wrapping paper ideas that will show your loved ones even more how much thought you put into their gift.

DIY Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper

DIY Candy Heart Wrapping paper

DIY candy heart wrapping paper


Red 1.5″ Heart Labels
White 1.5″ Heart Labels
Pastel Pink 1.5″ Heart Labels
Wrapping Paper: This gold wrapping paper can be found at Target.
Free Candy Heart Printable

Free candy heart printable for wrapping paper

How to:

Candy hearts are a staple of Valentine’s Day candy. What better way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit than decorating a wrapped gift with quoted heart labels to continue the theme? All you need to do is find a solid color wrapping paper and stick the ‘candy hearts’ all over the wrapped gift. Use the same quote throughout or mix it up like I did and use a few of each one. Add string or a bow for an extra added touch. I used the red, white, and pastel pink  1.5″ heart labels for this project.

DIY Painted Confetti Hearts Wrapping Paper

Painted confetti heart wrapping paper


1.5″ Removable Heart Labels
4 different acrylic paint colors
Paint palette
Wrapping paper: Can’t find white wrapping paper? I used the other side of the gold wrapping paper.

Supplies for Confetti Hearts wrapping paper
How to:

Step 1: Stick the removable heart labels all over your wrapped present including the sides. I used removable labels for this project so that the labels wouldn’t rip the wrapping paper as they were removed.

Using labels to create confetti hearts

Step 2: Using a Q-tip (one for each color), place dots around the edges of the hearts one color at a time.

Use q-tips to create confetti hearts

Make sure that  you fully outline each heart with the different color dots!

Painting dots around label hearts

Step 3: Once the hearts have been outlined with the painted dots, continue to paint dots around the each heart moving outward. As you move outward, paint fewer dots.

Painting confetti dots around the heart labels

Step 4: Allow the paint to fully dry before carefully removing each heart label. Don’t pull the labels off too quickly or it could rip the wrapping paper or remove the painted dots.

Removing labels to create the confetti hearts

Step 5: Your wrapping paper is done! You can also continue by creating the confetti hearts on the bottom side of the gift.

Confetti Heart Wrapping paper

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day one of the best by starting with the gift wrapping. Have children? Have them get involved by placing the stickers on the gifts or painting the dots. It would make for a great afternoon of Valentine crafting.

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