Super Easy Valentine’s Day Pencil Gift

Posted by on February 5, 2016
Super Easy Valentine’s Day Pencil Gift

Since they’re eating sugar pretty much non-stop on Valentine’s Day, I love sending my kids to school with non-edible treats for their friends. Pencils are a great option because they’re inexpensive and every kid loves getting them. You could even adapt this idea for fancier pens or pencils for a co-worker or teacher. I know I’m a huge fan of receiving office supplies any day of the year! So check out this super easy way to use tags from to make a Last Minute Pencil Valentine!

Last-Minute-Pencil-Valentines-1The only thing you need to make these practical and cute Valentines are a pack of pencils (I found a 24 pack for 3 bucks!) and these tags from Just print out the Last Minute Pencil Valentine page, have your kid sign their name in the “From” section, and wrap around the pencil cap. Of course, depending on your child’s age, you may have to sign and attach the tag for them. Older kids will love that they’ll be able to put together their Valentine’s Day gifts all by themselves!

Last-Minute-Pencil-Valentines-2There are so many things I love about this project! It’s an inexpensive way to give Valentines to a large group of kids and yet still a really fun gift to receive. I’m always astonished at just how excited my boys are when they get new pencils. And if they’re decorated with a fun eraser and a tag? They’ll be too the moon!

Last-Minute-Pencil-Valentines-3So, there you have it, a super easy Last Minute Pencil Valentines that won’t break the bank and are cool enough for almost any age! You could even use these tags on fancier pens or markers for older kids or adults who are into coloring. Anyone who loves office supplies will definitely love this Valentine’s Day gift. Hope you enjoy this project and have a great Valentine’s Day!

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