Handmade Gemstone Heart Sketchbook

Posted by on February 2, 2016
Handmade Gemstone Heart Sketchbook

Are you a big fan of the gemstone trend that is so popular right now? ME TOO! They’re just so fun and sparkly, who wouldn’t love them? Gemstones are lovely year-round but, of course, are especially appropriate with Valentine’s Day coming up. This Gemstone Heart Sketchpad is a super fun and easy project to make anyone’s day special!


Glam All The Way

To make these stickers you’re going to need the free Gemstone Hearts file to be used with OnlineLabel.com’s Heart Labels. I went with the super bright florescent pink but there are tons of other colors to choose from. I thought the silver and gold foil would work especially well! The sheet comes 15 hearts to a page so you can definitely get your glam on!


Sketchbook of Love

Of course, you can use these Gemstone Heart stickers in a ton of ways but I thought it would fun to add them to a blank sketchpad I had. I simply applied them in a pattern I was happy with to the cover of the sketch pad, making sure to neatly fold over any extra edges. Some of the sections closer to the edge didn’t want to stay down so I used a strong double-sided tape to assist. Depending on the slickness of your cover, you may or may not have this problem.


Ready for Love

There you have it, your Gemstone Heart Sketchpad is ready to be given to your Valentine! I think that when paired with pens or coloring pencils, this would make a great gift for an artistic best friend or teenager. I know that I would love to receive such a functional and fun gift!

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