Last Minute “Donut” Valentine’s Day Gift

Posted by on January 25, 2016
Last Minute “Donut” Valentine’s Day Gift

I’ve always got the best intentions with making intricate and complex Valentine’s Day gifts, but then reality hits me and I’m scrambling at the last minute to pull something together! This year, I’m going to assume I have no time and just plan on using these super easy Last Minute “Donut” Valentines. We’ll be giving little packages to my boys’ teachers, coaches, piano instructors, and neighbors. Because, really, nothing says “love” more than a sugary frosted piece of fried dough, right?

Easy-Donut-Valentine-1Delicious Supplies

The only things you’ll need to make these super easy Valentine’s Day gifts are the actual doughnuts, Arched Labels from, and the “Last Minute Donut Valentine” free printable. The labels come four-to-a-page, so you’ll have enough to give to all the people you love! You can just stick the label onto the box of doughnuts if you’re giving the gift to a large group of people or separate the treats into individual containers for smaller, but more personal gifts. I used a small takeout box and a waxed vellum bag for these pictures¬†and thought both were good options for the individual gifts. I’d definitely go with the waxed vellum bags if I was planning on gifting these to more than an handful of people. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find at most craft and hobby stores.

Easy-Donut-Valentine-4Sweet Wishes

I left these labels somewhat vague so that you can use them for any occasion. Teacher Appreciation Day, birthdays, just because… so many opportunities to brighten someone’s day with a doughnut! There’s even a small space at the bottom of the label to write a small note if you need to. I hope you enjoy this Last Minute “Donut” Valentine and that, if you’re a procrastinator like me, it comes in handy next month!


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