EASY Valentine’s Candy Labels

Posted by on January 21, 2016
EASY Valentine’s Candy Labels

As a busy mom, I am all about things that make my life easier. That’s probably why I love labels so much. Labels can make a task that might otherwise seem daunting (like 90 kids Valentine’s) and make it a breeze! In fact, I probably wouldn’t do half of the stuff I do for my kids if I had to create each individual piece from scratch.

This is especially true at Valentine’s Day. I mean, what other time of year are you expected to send enough treats for their classes? With three kids at home and class sizes absurdly high at nearly 30 per class, it adds up real quick! So, of course, Online Labels to the rescue!

This year, I decided to do one piece of candy per person and these individual Reese’s Cups were perfect. Now, they come with a spot on the wrapper to write a name, but let’s be real. If you start writing on the wrapper, pretty soon the candy inside is going to be destroyed. Especially, if you are a 5 year old writing.  So, I created these super sweet floral stickers that can be labeled BEFORE you attach them to the candy.

I am in a hardcore floral place these days and these labels did the trick. I added a fancy border as an underlay to give a little depth to the floral wreath. Simply write the name of a child in that space and let your kid stick to their heart’s content. The best part is that these labels are the perfect size for pretty much anything.

floral frame printable olb

If you didn’t want to stick them on candy (or they don’t fit your particular candy choice) you can easily use them to seal a baggie full of candy. And you know you can grab a pack of those plastic cello bags at the dollar store, which makes this printable even better! Toss some kisses in and seal it with a label. Done and done. Plus, you look like the rock star parent who has all the time in the world to be making Valentine’s.

valentine treat label bags

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