Valentine’s Kiss Stickers

Posted by on January 6, 2016
Valentine’s Kiss Stickers

I am a huge fan of simple and easy Valentine’s Day treats. Ones that don’t require me staying up until midnight the night before cutting, gluing, and glittering things. I mean, who has time for that? So this year, I have decided to put my kids to work making their own Valentine’s.

This one is probably the simplest. That’s why I tasked it to my 4 year old. If she can handle it without any problems, anyone can. Right?

So here’s what you’ll need:

That’s it. Three simple supplies. I told you, easy.

Valentines Day Printable Kiss Stickers

Start off by downloading the Valentine kiss sticker printable and printing as many copies as you need for your kisses. I have found that a single sheet is not quite enough to do the REALLY big bags of kisses… you know, the size you need if you are sending them to school to be devoured by little people. Plus, there is the sticking fee.

See? I pay my kids in kisses. Both real and chocolate. I figure that way when they ask what they’ll get for doing a job for me, there’s a 50/50 chance they think they are getting chocolate. I won’t tell you about the disappointment when it’s just a wet smackaroo from me…

Once you have your labels printed and your candy purchased. Stick them both in front of your child laborer. It’s not illegal if they’re related to you. Let them stick the labels onto the bottoms of the kisses and sit back and relax knowing that it’s almost over and you are a rockstar mom (or dad).

valentines kiss with online labels

Stick a few of those bad boys in a little treat baggie and tie them off with twine if you are feeling extra fancy. Otherwise, toss those bad boys in a bag and send them to school to be disseminated at will by your mini-me. Because really, what preschoolers care about is chocolate, not pretty packaging!!

online labels kiss stickers

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