New Year’s Eve Wine Glass Labels

Posted by on December 28, 2015
New Year’s Eve Wine Glass Labels

Planning a large party for New Year’s Eve? I’ve got the perfect free printable wine glass labels for you! They only take a minute to print out, write on, and attach to your wine glasses, making sure you keep track of it through the night!

New-Years-Wine-Markers-1The only supplies you need are barbell label tags, a printer, and a permanent marker. You can either just leave the tags blank on both sides or print out the free “Happy New Year” Wine Labels. There are 39 labels per sheet so you only need a few sheets for even the largest of parties!

New-Years-Wine-Markers-2The actual marking of wine glasses is super easy with a permanent marker and some initials. Everyone will know exactly which glass is theirs…unless they just happen to have the same initials!

New-Years-Wine-Markers-3The tags can then be easily peeled from the sheet and secured around wine glass stems. FYI: Depending on the size of your wine glass stems, these may or may not fit 100% around. You’ll still be able to see the name though!

New-Years-Wine-Markers-5This is seriously one of the easiest ways to make New Year’s Eve Wine Glass Labels! Just write your initials, peel, and stick to a glass to make sure you don’t swap cooties with anyone that night. There are tons of different types of paper and colors to choose from over at I’m kinda partial to the silver or gold metallic for New Year’s Eve, though! This would also be a great idea for any party you might be throwing in the coming year. How sweet would pink ones be for Valentine’s Day or red for 4th of July?! Or what about gold for a Golden Anniversary? Hope you enjoyed this wine label idea and free printable and have a wonderfully happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

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