Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tags

Posted by on December 15, 2015
Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tags

The chalkboard trend is still going strong! There are a lot of pretty chalkboard-themed wrapping papers available and you can make your own matching gift tags. I have a fun and simple idea to get it done. You can easily turn any surface into a chalkboard with a little chalkboard paint. Including cute, shaped labels!

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag Labels
Christmas tree labels – OL192
Wedding bell labels – OL257
Chalkboard paint (any colors)
Sponge brush

Chalkboard paint comes in many colors other than just black. You can also find it in green, red, and blue, just to name a few. Use a sponge brush to apply 2-3 coats of paint to the labels, letting each coat dry before adding the next.

Chalkboard paint takes 24 hours to cure, but since these are single use, we don’t really need to follow that rule. Once the paint is good and dry, you can go ahead and begin using them. If you do want to cure them, wait the 24 hours then rub labels with chalk then erase. It will certainly add to the chalkboard look.

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag Labels

Once your gifts are wrapped, add a new chalkboard gift tag to the present and, using a chalk pen, write your to and from and any other decoration you may want. You can also use regular chalk if you prefer but be sure the labels won’t get rubbed or you will lose your message. A chalk pen will not rub off just by accidentally touching it.

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag Labels

You can also use the tags as extra decor on the gifts. Here, I simply paired two bells, one with a holiday greeting and the other with the to/from information.

I think decorating the tags is half the fun! These would be great for kids to use on their gifts to others, too. They would really enjoy the decorating process!

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tag Labels

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