Family Photo Magnets and Envelope Craft!

Posted by on December 1, 2015
Family Photo Magnets and Envelope Craft!

The holidays are drawing near! This is the best time to share some of those awesome memories from the year with family that lives near and far. These memory magnets are the picture-perfect way to share your memories with those you can’t see as often as you would like.


Magnet Sheet Memory Gift

These awesome magnet sheets are inkjet only and print beautifully!


Step 1: Find pictures of adventures had during the year and arrange them to print on a full magnet sheet as pictured above. To make it easier, open the template for our OL2088. I use this as a sort of cheat sheet. This template will allow you to center your image on a 1.5” circle and have all the images evenly spaced out on the magnet sheet. You may want to print a few test sheets on printer paper before using the magnets.


Step 3: Let the magnets sit for a few minutes after printing to allow the ink to set. Now it’s time to get the hole punch. I cut the sheet into long strips to be able to get the punch to every picture.  By using the punch upside down you can see exactly where the image will cut.


Step 4: Print and cut the envelope template from your construction paper or cardstock.


Step 5: Place a few magnet photos in the center of the envelope and fold each side down. Tuck the last corner under another tab like you would close a package.


Step 6: Wrap around your ribbon to keep the envelope in place.


Step 7: Place your Merry Christmas labels on the back of the envelopes.


You’re all set to give to your loved ones and share your favorite family memories!

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