Thanksgiving “Thankful Jar” and “Thankful For” Labels

Posted by on November 18, 2015
Thanksgiving “Thankful Jar” and “Thankful For” Labels

During Thanksgiving, we take the opportunity to remind ourselves and others that it’s not all about the feast, or even gathering together with family. It’s that we are actually able to do these things.

One of my family’s favorite traditions is to write down what it is we are thankful for and read it out loud at the Thanksgiving table. You can have your dinner guests write down their thoughts as they arrive, add them to a Thankful Jar, then read them aloud before digging into the meal!

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar Labels - FREE Printables!
Putting together the things you need to make a Thankful Jar could not be easier, especially with these free printables!


The printable labels come with 1 “Thankful Jar” label and 3 “Thankful For” labels. Print as many as you need for the number of guests you will have at your dinner table.

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar Labels - FREE Printables!

I used an old spaghetti jar for the Thankful Jar because 1) it’s a great upcycle, so I don’t have to actually purchase something new, and 2) the sides are smooth which is perfect for adding a label.

You want to be sure that the jar you use is large enough to hold all of the Thankful For cards.

I dressed up the jar a bit further by wrapping it with a piece of decorative ribbon, then adding the label on top.

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar Labels - FREE Printables!

The Thankful For labels are 4.25″ wide so I cut pieces of plain cardstock into 4.25″ x 4.25″ squares and centered the labels on them. Your guests will then have plenty of room to write their thankful thoughts on the back.

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar Labels - FREE Printables!

Once a guest records their thankful note, they can fold it up and place it in the jar. They can be signed or left anonymous. It will be a nice reminder before dinner about why everyone has come together. And reading the Thankful For cards from the kids can be pretty entertaining! (Mine are usually thankful for Legos and pie!)

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If you’ve been hanging out on the Online Labels blog, you may notice the pattern on the Thankful Jar looks familiar! I have made them match the Perfectly Plaid Thanksgiving Place Cards and Thankful Pumpkin Tattoos, so you can actually use all of these printables for your Thanksgiving decor and tie everything together!

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