Lesson Plan and Curriculum File Folder Labels for Teachers

Posted by on September 16, 2015
Lesson Plan and Curriculum File Folder Labels for Teachers

The beginning of the school year is an exciting, yet frantic time for teachers as they get back into the rigorous school routine with a new set of students.  Teachers, the best thing that you can do is get organized and get ahead from the very start!  Staying organized within the classroom will save time.  It also eliminates stress by not having to run around to gather items and materials at the last minute.

Entering my sixth year of teaching Kindergarten, I have fallen into the routine of preparing for the week ahead every Thursday.  This means by Friday I can leave at a decent hour and be fully prepared for the next week.  Hello weekend! I do this with the help of a file folder system that I am sharing with you today.

Blank Labels used for this project:

Labels for front of folders: OL400WX
Labels for tabs: OL173WX

Materials needed for the project:

File folders


A teacher’s desk or work area can become a dumping ground without having an organized system. By using file folders that are clearly labeled, teachers can quickly get organized and ahead within school planning and have a successful day of teaching day after day.  Take a look at your desk.  Can you see the surface?  Is it cluttered?


If you said yes, this solution is for you!  It’s time to get organized by using these free printables to create your own file folders for daily lessons, curriculum planning, and for those days you are absent.  Take a look at the labels that you will receive within this free packet:

teacher labels

What you need to do:

1. Print the free printables by clicking the images below.  Use OL400WX labels for the front of the folders and OL173WX labels for the tabs at the top of the folders.


Tab-labels-for-file-folders2. Using an incline sorter, find a space in your work area that will be the best place to keep your file folders.  Make sure they are easily accessible at all times.

3. File your lesson plans, activities, and paperwork that need to be filed.

4.  Pick a day during the week that will be your day to plan for the week ahead.  Place your lesson plans, materials, and assessments in your Monday-Friday file folders.

5. Don’t forget to always file your papers in the designated spot right away to avoid clutter.


That’s it!  No more misplacing items or entering the classroom in a frantic mess.  If you are running late from morning duty or from a parent/teacher conference, you and your students will enter the classroom already organized and ready for the day! You will have your day-to-day paperwork organized and prepared, lesson plans are ready for Monday through Friday, and curriculum activities are planned and filed to be used as lesson extensions.


What happens if you wake up sick or have a child of your own that’s sick?  No worries!  Your substitute will easily find her emergency substitute folder, daily lesson plans, and activities due to your new filing system that can easily be spotted on your desk! Teachers can never go wrong with simple organization that will make for a smooth and wonderful school year.


So what are you waiting for? Download the free file folder labels below!  Make sure to download the labels to place on each tab of the folders that corresponds to the front of the folder to make them even more user friendly. Many have been left blank in case you need to create a custom folder!













Materials used in post:

|| Labels from OnlineLabels.com:  OL400WX, OL173WX || Incline sorter, File Folders, and Office Supplies: Target || Tassel Garland: The Flair Exchange || Clip Art: Digital Dollface

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