How to Create an Adorable Doughnut Garland

Posted by on September 15, 2015
How to Create an Adorable Doughnut Garland

Are you as crazy about donuts as the rest of the internet is? What’s not to love about deep fried dough smothered in frosting and sprinkles?! Why not share your sweet tooth obsession with the rest of the world with this super cute Doughnut Garland. Whether you’re trying to decorate a dorm room or a class room, this garland makes it super easy to add some fun detail to any wall! Let me show you just how easy they are to make!

Donut-Garland-1To print out your own donuts all you need is the Donut Garland Free Printable Sheet and Mini CD Labels from The stickers come six to a sheet so you’ll get three complete donuts out of each sheet. The Mini CD Labels already come with the centers cut out so you’ll have the perfect doughnut shape immediately! Remove the stickers from the sheet and sandwich a piece of baker’s twine in between the front and back. You can either use all one type of doughnut or mix them up for some fun! Baker’s twine comes in all different colors so there’s sure to be one to match your garland.

Donut-Garland-7Once you’ve reached a length that you’re happy with, just cut the baker’s twine, hang, and enjoy! Could this project be any easier? Depending on the size of garland, you could have this project finished in a matter of minutes. Perfect for when you’re throwing a last second get-together! I also think this doughnut garland would be great for birthday parties as well as baby showers. Or what about a “Doughnut Know What We’d Do Without You” work related get-together? As long as you have similar snacks available to eat and this doughnut garland hanging on your wall, your party is sure to be a hit. Hope you enjoyed this free printable and have a great party!


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