Rustic Floral Centerpieces with Labeled Hearts

Posted by on August 30, 2015
Rustic Floral Centerpieces with Labeled Hearts

It’s no lie that pretty flower arrangements on tables make my heart go pitter-patter. Even more than that though, rustic and nature themed flowers on old picnic tables at an outdoor party make me swoon. This simple centerpiece is easy to make, and packs a powerful punch. I mean, just look at it! What’s not to love about peonies, hearts and lace!!

Flower Arrangement Supplies

  • Vase
  • Rocks
  • Burlap & lace
  • Flowers
  • Wooden hearts
  • Stain
  • Full sheet labels
  • Cutting machine or X-Acto knife

Start by filling your vase about 1/3 of the way full with your rocks. You can usually find these kinds of rocks at the dollar store in the floral department. Then, you will add two of your flower stems and really set them in the rocks. You don’t want them falling over or out! Then, you will need to cut a piece of your burlap to wrap around the vase. Secure it in the back with a couple dots of hot glue. For the finishing touch, you will need to stain your wooden hearts with whatever color you like. I did a few in a red mahogany and some in a light oak. I love, love, love these stain pens. Perfect for small projects like this!

staining wood hearts

While those are drying, you are going to cut your words. Using either your cutting machine software or a real steady hand, you will need to cut out however many words as you have vases. I chose to do love, and I used the Annabelle font. It is just the right amount of script while still being super legible. Once your hearts are dry, attach your label to the center and then attach your heart to a good old fashioned skewer and stick it in your flower arrangement. Done and beautiful!

love hearts

rustic floral arrangement with stained heart olb

 floral centerpieces olb

rustic flower centerpieces olb

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