Bottle Cap Locker Decorations

Posted by on August 18, 2015
Bottle Cap Locker Decorations

School’s starting all around the nation. Supplies need to be acquired. Summer homework needs to be turned in. And drab lockers will need a makeover. Luckily for you, this bottle cap magnet craft is simple and super fun to do!

What You’ll Need:

Label locker magnets materials

The Step-by-Step:

Creating the labels:

If you are looking to craft your own magnet designs, you can use Maestro Label Designer. Load up the blank template for ol1025 (the 1″ circle labels) and craft up something great! I’ve also provided several printables below that you can use to decorate your locker. All you have to do is click on the image to download them!

Days of the year capture Fuzzies Capture Patterns Capture Subjects Capture Smiley capture

You can even write messages on blank labels for a personal touch.

LOL Animated Gif

Crafting the magnets:

1. Print out your label designs on the 1″ circle labels.

2. Place your label printable on the top of a bottle cap.

Putting the label on the cap

3. Put the epoxy sticker over the top of the label.

Placing the epoxy sticker on the label

4. Place the glue on the bottom of the bottle cap and the magnet over it and your invention is complete!

Gluing the bottom of the bottle capPlacing the magnet in the bottle cap

Now get crafting and head back to school in style with these fun bottle cap locker magnets!

diy locker magnets

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