Flavored Milk Bottle Labels

Posted by on July 31, 2015
Flavored Milk Bottle Labels

If you’re planning on having an udderly adorable farm-themed party or shower, I’ve got the drink labels for you! They fit great around miniature glass milk bottles (new or recycled) or even on prepackaged milk cartons. Add a flavor straw (available at most supermarkets) for even more fun!

Flavored Milk Bottle Labels - PrintFirst thing’s first, you’re going to have to print out the Flavored Milk Bottle Labels free printable. The OL544WX from OnlineLabels.com have a great arched shape that looks super cute on a bottle or box of milk. I recommend going with the weatherproof label material to prevent any bubbling from condensation. Each page of labels comes with 4 strawberry and 4 chocolate labels. As I mentioned above, you can either buy flavored milk or use those flavor straws that the kids seem to love!

Flavored Milk Bottle Labels - StickIf you decide to use recycled glass bottles, you’re going to have to remove the existing label and any sticky adhesive that gets left behind. I used rubbing alcohol to remove mine but you can also use a goo remover or even just hot water and a scrubber as well. Make sure the bottles are completely dry before applying the labels.

Flavored Milk Bottle Labels - DecorateIf you have the extra time and interest, you can also decorate the lid with a fabric circle and some baker’s twine. Totally optional, but it does add a nice touch and covers up any logo that might be on the lid. One hint would be to apply some strong double-sided tape to the rim of the lid to hold the fabric in place while you tie the twine. So much easier!

Flavored Milk Bottle Labels - StrawsAnd that’s it! All you have to do now is put your milk bottles out (maybe next to a tray of cookies?) and wait for your guests to enjoy them! One last reminder to go for weatherproof material, if possible. You can see that my labels started to bubble up in the picture above because of the cold milk condensation. Not a big deal but it can be easily fixed with the right material. Hope you enjoy these Flavored Milk Bottle Labels!

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