Welcome Bag for Your Wedding Guests

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Welcome Bag for Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are not only a wonderful day to remember for the bride and groom, but also a day for loved ones to celebrate. Chances are, you will either have a destination wedding or have many friends and family members that will be traveling far to attend your wedding. Either way, your attendees will travel whatever distance they have to in order to be there on your special day.

With so many making the road trip, have a welcome bag ready for your wedding guests, bridal party, or family members to welcome them to the wedding weekend. It’s one of the great ways you can thank your guests and help them get the celebration started! Within this post, you will explore a wedding welcome bag stocked with provisions for the wedding weekend using labels to help you get started on your own!

Welcome bag for wedding guests and a destination wedding.


  • Bag
  • Assortment of labels from OnlineLabels.com (Based on 100 guests)
  • Printer
  • Free printables (listed below)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • White cardstock
  • Items to go in your bag
  • Containers/packaging to place your items in
  • Hole puncher

Materials used to create a wedding welcome bag.

The How To’s:

“Sip, Sip, Hooray” Water Bottle

Waterproof water bottle label for welcome bag.
After all of the traveling, your guests may crave a sip of water.  Have them sipping in style with this “Sip, Sip, Hooray” waterproof label for your water bottles. They only take a few seconds to apply. Don’t even worry about taking the original label off!

Wedding water bottle labels that are waterpoof.
Blank labels used for water bottles:
OL1985WJ – Weatherproof Water Bottle Labels

Free Printable PDF:
Waterproof wedding water bottle labels, Sip, Sip, Horray

His Favorite and Her Favorite Snack Bags

His favorite and her favorite snacks for welcome bag.
Add a touch of your personality by giving guests the favorite snack of the bride and groom. The possibilities are endless when picking out a snack. You can make it sweet and salty, delicious snacks from your hometown, or a snack that matches your color theme.

Blank labels used for his and her snack bags:
OL893WX – 3.25″ x 4.25″ Oval Labels

Free Printable PDF:
His favorite snack label.                    Her favorite snack label.

Map with Heart Labels

 Using a map in a welcome bag to mark favorite spots with labels.

Use a map as an opportunity to play tour guide with your guests. Give each guest a map in their welcome bag marking great places to eat, areas and attractions to visit during their downtime, and where all of the wedding festivities will take place using the heart labels.

Using heart labels to mark favorite spots on a map for a welcome bag.

Give your guests a few extra heart labels so that they can mark their favorite spots as well!

Blank labels used for hearts:
OL32WX – Circle Half Inch Round Labels

Heart Labels for Map

Free Printable PDF:

Hangover Kit and ‘Mint’ to Be

Hangover Kit and Mint to Be packaging for wedding welcome bag.

For those that celebrated with you all night and are now trying to survive the morning after, provide them with a fun hangover kit. It’s the perfect final touch to your wedding and it gets your guests ready to take on the next day! Especially if they still have more sightseeing planned.

Hangover Kit for wedding guests.

The possibilities are endless with what you can put into your hangover kit. I included Advil, Airborne (or you could use Emergen-C), eye drops, and a box filled with mints with a label to help bring the welcome bag theme all together.

Blank labels used for hangover kit and mint box:
OL600WX – 4” x 2.5” Rectangle Labels for hangover kit
OL114WX – 1” x 2” Library Labels for mint box

Free Printable PDF:
Hangover Kit Label                 Mint to Be Labels

First Aid Kit

First aid kit label for welcome bag.

There is nothing worse than spilling a drink on your cocktail attire, getting a blister from dancing the night away, or having the strap of your dress break. Give your guests a first aid kit to save the day! After all, a marriage celebration is ‘in sickness and in health’.   Creating this first aid kit tag takes a few extra steps.

Step 1 — Stick your label on a piece of white cardstock paper.Creating a tag for first aid kits using a label.

Step 2 – Very carefully cut around the edges of the tag.

Creating a first aid kit tag using labels.

Step 3 – Create a hole at the top of your tag using a hole puncher. Then, use a piece of string to attach the tag to your first aid bag.

Create your own first aid kit tag using labels.

Blank labels used for first aid kit tag:
OL1763WX – 1.75” x 3” Tag Labels

Free Printable PDF:
First Aid Kit Tag Labels

Do Not Disturb Wedding Door Hanger

Wedding door hanger to give to guests.

Many of your guests will be staying in a hotel near your wedding venue. Make sure that they get the rest they need after cheering for you and celebrating your new adventure of becoming Mr. and Mrs. Your guests will thank you later! These door hangers are created on a non-adhesive cardstock.

Give your wedding guests a door hanger for their hotel room.

Blank non-adhesive cardstock used for door hangers:
OL246KW – Non-adhesive Door Hanger

Free Printable PDF:
Door Hangers

Welcome Tag for Bag

Welcome tag for wedding welcome bag.

Place a welcome tag on the handle of your bag for the finishing touch. This will bring the overall look of your welcome bag together while also letting your guests know this wonderful bag is for them. Follow the same steps for the first aid tag to create this welcome tag. Below you will see that I have attached two different designs for you to use.

Blank non-adhesive cardstock used for door hangers:
OL1062WX – 2.24” x 4” Arched Labels

Free Printable PDF:
Ombre Welcome Labels                     Flower Welcome Labels

These are only a few ideas that you can place in a welcome bag for your wedding guests! By using the custom made watercolor designs by Within the Grove and blank labels, you are only a few steps away from creating your own unique welcome bags. Create your own welcome bag labels using Online Labels’ Maestro Label Designer.  Don’t forget you can also place a wedding weekend itinerary, directions, and any other information you would like for your guests to have in the welcome bag.

Wedding welcome bag for guests and bridal party.

Blank Labels used for this project from OnlineLabels.com:

Water bottle: OL1985WJ
Snack bags: OL893WX
Hearts for map: OL32WX
Hangover kit: OL600WX
Mint to be: OL114WX
First aid kit: OL176WX
Welcome tag: OL1062WX
Door hanger: OL246KW

Additional information:
|| You can find all of the packaging used in this post at Hobby Lobby.  ||  The canvas bag used was bought at Target.

Get all the labels you need for this craft!

*Quantities are based on 100 guests, just enter the amount of sheets you need and continue!


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