Personalizing Packaging For Your Brand

Posted by on July 10, 2015
Personalizing Packaging For Your Brand

When it comes to sending mail, adding a touch of personality is always fun. But, when it comes to sending packages from your shop, adding a touch of your brand is a necessity. For those who have an online shop, brick and mortar or provide a service, I’m sure you’re aware that showcasing your brand is of the utmost importance. When I started my online shop, I knew my product packaging needed to match my brand. So, today I’m sharing tips on how to package for your brand. Get your notepad and online favorites bar ready!

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To create a package that coordinates with your brand, take some time to answer the following questions.

What colors do you need to add to your shipping box?
What wording fits your brand best?
What would your customers/clients expect to see from you?
Do you have a signature slogan or set style?
Do you have a designated hashtag used via social media?

For the inside of my packages, I use brand coordinating tissue paper, wrap the item properly with brand coordinating ribbon, include a business card and a freebie (this fun pencil matches my style and brand perfectly).

branding melissa creates 4

When it comes to the outside of branded packages keep things simple, yet, fun. Make recipients feel special and keep in mind that your package should excite your customers! On the outside of my branded package I showcase my social media hashtag, change up the wording for the traditional fragile sign and add a little pizzazz.

I keep the following items on hand for my branded packages:

Brand coordinated ribbon and tissue paper
Business cards
Brand coordinated freebie item- fun pencils
Fragile Handle With Love Package Labels print on 4″ x 2.5″ labels.
Personalized Note Stickers print on 7.5″ x 1.75″ scalloped edge labels. (use the Maestro Label Designer to create your personalized label)
Fancy Mail Stickers (In Pink) print on 1.75″ circle labels.
Cardboard shipping boxes

BRANDING package your brand with labels

branding melissa creates

Enjoy packaging for your brand and have fun doing so!

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