Fourth of July Garland DIY Decoration

Posted by on July 2, 2015
Fourth of July Garland DIY Decoration

With the 4th of July coming up, this is a fun and quick decor project to add some festivity to any room.

Materials You’ll Need:

Fourth of July Garland Items

The Steps

Garland Cheat Sheet

To make the placement of the labels easier, download and print this cheat sheet. It has all four sizes of the circle labels I used and it made placing the string directly in the center of each label much easier.

Make an 8” loop with the DMC string to be able to hang the garland easily. The easiest way to hide the excess sting is to place it in between the first two circles in the garland. By using the first two or three labels to hold the loop in place, it becomes strong enough to hold the garland.

Making the Fourth of July Garland

Start adding more and more circles. Just keep adding different colors and shapes; the key to random is to have the same size or color next to each other once in a while.

Keep going until you have a good length. A typical door is about 78 to 80” in height and 24, 30 or 36” in width.

Finished Garland

Enjoy and happy Fourth of July from

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