Custom Labels for Your Lesson Plan Book

Posted by on June 16, 2015
Custom Labels for Your Lesson Plan Book

Even though the school year is over, I am already planning for next year.  There is something so exciting about the new and unknown.  I spent the past school year using some handmade plan books, but decided that this year I was going to splurge on a fancy Erin Condren one.  The only downside is that it meant I was going to have to write in each of my periods by hand. 40 times. Each. This seemed a little daunting, but the price of the add on stickers sent my heart into massive palpitations.  Then I realized that for the same price as 1 sheet of her labels I could create all of mine by ordering from

erin condren lesson plan book labels

I needed 6 sheets of the OL25WX labels to do my entire school year with a bagillionty period day.  I decided to create a label for every single class my students take, including where they go during my prep time so that heaven forbid I need a sub some day, they will be able to quickly see when and where my class should be and what they should be doing.  I started off by color coding the sheets.  We have 40 weeks of school, so I could get away with using each sheet of labels for two subjects.

online labels erin condren lesson plan book subject headings

Once I had them colored, I simply added in my text.  I wanted a fun font that would match the whimsical nature of my planner itself, but you could use anything.  Then, I simply printed them in my home printer and got to work sticking them in my book!

online labels for lesson plan book

The best part about this project is that these labels are the exact size to fit in the box at the top of each day!  I have linked my files for eight of the main subjects below, just in case you love them that much! 😉

Here are links to the printable PDF files

Reading/Writing PrintablePE/Art PrintableMusic/Library PrintableMath/Science Printable

   lesson plan label - reading and writingteacher lesson plan book labels pe/artteacher lesson plan labels music and libraryTeacher lesson plan labels

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